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How to Effectively Approach Ambit Consultants to Join July 9, 2008

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The truth be told, many people are turned off by Network Marketing. People are afraid to leave the boundaries they have come to know… and they do not know that real alternatives do exist. This is why it is critical that you establish a level of friendship before you mention your opportunity – so you have a legitimate chance for them to take you and your opportunity serious.

Be the one ASKING the questions and make sure that you are taking little notes to refer back to. Perhaps you learned that your prospect has a 14 year old son. Bring the son up and establish an emotional connection.

If someone calls me, there are times that I will flat out tell them that I’m busy at the moment and will have to call them back. You see… when you call them back, you become the one asking THEM questions. You need to make it seem like you are qualifying them, rather than them qualifying you. This will put them in the defensive and they will be more prone to want to seek your approval.

Find out his/her needs – make the emotional connection:

• Have them talk about themselves and their needs
• Ask them if they are currently working from home, then what they do for work
• Ask them why working from home is appealing to them
• Ask them what level of income they are accustomed to
• Ask them if they ever worked a home based business before
• Are you thinking of replacing or supplementing your current job
• Realistically, what kind of income are you looking for

After you bring the questions to an end, you should continue with a variation of the following:
“You see, my company and my organization in particular, has quite the standard for the people we are looking for.” – (This will make them want your approval!)

“There is a lot of work on our part in setting someone up in their home based business successfully. So, we are really looking for people that are absolutely serious about building their business.”

The point of all of this is to make them feel like they are qualifying themselves to YOU. Throw in some 3rd party tools such as a website to check out, a DVD, or anything you have to market the opportunity and suggest that they look into them first, before you try to explain it all. Do NOT be cocky or rude, ever. Your job is just to stimulate interest; let your marketing tools explain the business. And remember, keep it simple!

Set up a follow up date and time and contact them then. Ask them if it made sense. Call them back and see if they are interested. And by the way, anytime you speak to someone on the phone you need to exude energy and confidence – You must ALWAYS have a smile on your face while you talk to prospects, I mean that literally! Do it and you will understand the power behind this simple tip…!


How To Build A Massive Organization of Ambit Consultants! July 6, 2008

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“Once you have all of your customer points, you should begin your search for Ambit Energy Consultants.

The ABSOLUTE first thing you need to do is make a List of people that you know – This list should include at least 40 people

The Million Dollar Warm Market Tips:

The key to building your warm market is to harness the power of third party tools. What does harnessing the power of third party tools really mean? Well most people want to sell the opportunity, products, compensation plan, etc. directly to their warm market by trying to explain it all on the phone or in person. It is just human nature to tell people everything you know about the opportunity and in the process try to convince them to join. This is what 90% of people do and it is wrong!

It is crucial that you simply point to a 3rd party tool and let it do the talking for you. Let the 3rd party tool answer all of their questions. Building a Network Marketing business using your warm market is simply walking your contacts through a process of 3rd party exposures to your opportunity…

For example:

You approach John by saying, “I have something you need to check out…. here is a DVD (website, magazine, CD, whatever) check it out tonight and we will speak tomorrow.” Tomorrow comes and if John has looked at it and has more questions simply send him to another 3rd party tool, perhaps a 3rd party call with someone or any other 3rd party tool you have.

And that is really all you need to do! You see…. what is important here is to show your prospect how easy it is to do the business, because if John sees it as being tough there is a good chance he will not join.

The key to it is to make sure you follow up within 1-2 days with another exposure to a 3rd party tool (perhaps a LIVE presentation) until they have enough information to decide if it is for them or not. Very easy and anyone can do it.

The big deal to get your head around is that you MUST have the attitude that it makes no difference to you whether this prospect joins your business or not. You are not in the convincing business; you are in the SORTING business. You are simply looking for those who get it. This business is a numbers game and the more people you expose to your opportunity and the more effectively you market the opportunity, the more people will understand it and join you. Do not waste your time trying to validate yourself… there will be situations when you just need to move onto the next prospect and not waste valuable time.”
– The Essence Corner

Tips from Ambit Energy Forum – The Right Business Culture June 27, 2008

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Creating the Right Business Culture:

“The most successful Network Marketers will tell you that it is extremely vital to create and define the business culture of your organization. Two things in particular stand out that I operate by:

1. Make no assumptions – teach all those in your organization EVERYTHING they need to know to succeed
2. Create a culture of living for the sake of others

Teach Your Down-line Everything You Know:

The most brilliant people in the world do not always make the best teachers or mentors. Sometimes they make assumptions on the level of their pupil’s understanding. That is a BIG mistake, especially in the Network Marketing business. Do Not make assumptions that your business partners (down-line) understand everything that may come easy to you. It is vitally important that they FULLY UNDERSTAND the entire business; that money comes exponentially, that multi-level marketing is a proven system, and that if you work the system the system will reward you beautifully. Make sure they realize that it is not a get rich quick scheme, but something that you build upon and build upon until it continues to grow and grow and grow and explode on its own.

Everything you learn here you should teach them as well. Be sure to collaborate and share marketing techniques. Get involved with each other’s ideas! To succeed in this business, you must set up very strong training programs. Train them on everything you know and make sure that they train their down-line the same way. The importance behind this is the concept of:

Standing on the shoulders of giants

“Use the past, a vast storehouse of knowledge and wisdom. Isaac Newton called this ‘standing on the shoulders of giants.’ He meant that in making his discoveries he had built on the achievements of others. A great part of his aura of genius, he knew, was attributable to his shrewd ability to make the most of the insights of ancient, medieval, and Renaissance scientists.” – Law 9, 48 Laws of Power

Study, get involved in this, and always be learning. This is essential to our being, however, there are more effective ways to study and learn than others. The first way is through trial and error, the other way is to seek out experts and do what they suggest. In the Network Marketing business, regardless of what you sell, the advice one expert gives will pertain to almost all of us. Read about them and stand on their shoulders. Don’t think you have to plow on through and learn simply from trial and error; it is simply too time consuming!

Culture of Living for the Sake of Others:

It is important that from the very beginning you create a culture of – I’ll do everything in my power to help you succeed. I know you have probably heard about the law of giving and receiving. In Network Marketing, this will be immensely valuable. You see, if you bend over backwards to help your down-line succeed, their success will only serve to make you more successful. They in turn must be educated that by doing whatever it takes to help those in their immediate down-line, they will receive rewards for their effort later… and most times that reward will come back to them many times over. I refer to it as Rational Self-Interest. The reason it is vital for you to give of yourself is that your down-line will in turn learn the things that you did to help them, and they will do the same for their down-line. Little by little you create an organization that is living for the sake of others. Ultimately, everyone succeeds and especially you! If you get the training down effectively, you will see that it will be simply a matter of time before your organization spreads and makes you very, very wealthy. Treat everyone in your organization like family and you will succeed in this business.”

Marketing Tips from Ambit Energy Forum – Try Organizing for Once! June 24, 2008

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Not an Ambit Energy Consultant? Learn More

Ambit Forum is a place for current Ambit Energy Consultants to meet and share ideas. If you are working with Ambit Energy, I strongly recommend that you go to www.Ambit-Forum.com/forum to meet other Consultants and hear some of the great ideas being shared!

The following was taken from Ambit Energy Forum:

Organize – Organize your Leads, Schedule, and Life

I will not lie; it requires that you are very organized to grow your marketing team effectively. You have to understand that it comes down to efficiency; and those that are organized will be more efficient and productive.

Do not make the mistake of only contacting your leads one time. Make sure that on the initial contact, you create a friendship so they will be willing and/or eager to speak to you again. Never get into whatever you are marketing right away, but rather come around to talking about your opportunity later, once your prospect understands that you two are friends first.

If you are organized
, you have your prospect list ready and a list of questions to ask each new prospect. You will have notes on your prior conversation with them so easing back into the friendship mode will be much easier. You have scheduled a follow-up date and time. You have material organized and ready to give to them.If you are organized, you make the business look simple and your prospect will recognize that. The simpler this business looks the more appealing it will be for your prospects. After all, when you are organized this business isn’t that difficult!


The ending is everything. Plan all the way to it, taking into account all the possible consequences, obstacles, and twists of fortune that might reverse your hard work and give the glory to others. By planning to the end you will not be overwhelmed by circumstances and you will know when to stop. Gently guide fortune and help determine the future by thinking far ahead.”

“Because most people are too imprisoned in the moment to plan with this kind of foresight, the ability to ignore immediate dangers and pleasures translates into power. It is the power of being able to overcome the natural human tendency to react to things as they happen, and instead to train oneself to step back, imagining the larger things taking shape beyond one’s immediate vision.” – Law 29, 48 Laws of Power

If you really intend to be successful with Ambit, you must get over your fears of planning far, far ahead. Understand that Ambit Energy is real and we are here building something extraordinary and it will happen with us, or without us. UNDERSTAND that the scope of which you want to take your Ambit business is 100% dependent upon only one thing… YOU!

Plan far ahead and start to reap the fruits of your efforts… keep your eye on the ball, always… but make sure you have a solid plan to getting you there!

Make sure you check out Ambit Forum for much, much more information on how to build your Ambit Business both Offline and Online!


Ambit Energy Forum – To Succeed, You Must Have Purpose! June 23, 2008

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Quoted from www.Ambit-Forum.com/forum

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If you want to be successful, you must have meaning or a purpose.

I have never thought of writing for reputation and honor. What I have in my heart must come out; that is the reason why I compose.’ – Ludwig van Beethoven

Finding a purpose or meaning to what you are doing is extremely important to keep you going. Throughout all of the struggles you will encounter on the winding journey towards abundance, it is much easier to endure this sometimes-seemingly-hopeless expedition with a strong motivational factor keeping you going.

Make your one life on this earthly plane worthwhile and full of purpose.

Some suggestions:

• Make the world a better place
• Increase the quality of life
• Right a terrible wrong
• Prevent the end of something good
• Help my fellow man
• Financial Freedom

Whatever it is, make your purpose a powerful one that really defines you. Mean it – don’t just try to be ambitious; be happy if your strongest motivational factor is as central as helping you and your family. The only thing that is important here is that you MEANT IT.”
The Essence Corner

Everyone please feel free to post the reason that you are in Business with Ambit.

We all come from a variety of backgrounds and we all have needs and desire. Use this opportunity to announce to the Universe what it is that will keep you motivated and creative in building your Ambit Business! ”

Make sure that you stop by Ambit Forum to share and collaborate! Remember, the better prepared all Ambit Consultants are the more successful we will all be!


Ambit Energy Forum – Meet other Consultants to Share and Collaborate! June 22, 2008

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Not an Ambit Energy Consultant? Learn More

Ambit Energy offers a marvelous solution to anyone interested in home based business. If you are already a Consultant with Ambit, I strongly recommend that you check out www.Ambit-Forum.com/forum to share ideas and strategies that have been working for other Consultants. Ambit Energy Consultants from New York, Texas, Illinois, and elsewhere are logging in and sharing their experiences as well as learning how to effectively market to their ambit of influence.

Network Marketing is all about helping each other and developing strong relationships. We are all connected if we so choose. Can you imagine how much more effective and productive your organization would be if EVERYONE knew how to market their business efficiently and effectively? -Yeah that would be MASSIVE and there would be tremendous growth for everyone.

If everyone contributes to Ambit Forum, you are contributing to the success of your OWN Ambit Business! That is the reason we have created this forum! You will find information about Succeeding in Network Marketing and specifically with Ambit Energy. You’ll learn about what other successful Consultants are doing to actively promote their business. For example, have you even considered Co-op advertising? Do you understand the importance of Social Dynamics in the promoting and attracting prospects to your business? There is so much for us to know…

Ambit Energy Forum is a place for you to discuss how to “Market Ambit to the Public,” “How to Effectively Approach Prospects to Join,” “How to Build a Massive Organization of Consultants, “Customer Gathering Tips,” and many more topics that other Ambit Consultants are currently discussing! Ambit Energy Forum is an Online Community created to help other Consultants learn to develop their business into a roaring success!

There you will be able to find inspiration to stay ‘Energized!’ It is not always easy trying to succeed in this business and sometimes the training available through up-lines is simply just not adequate. You should constantly be learning. You should constantly be keeping your mind open to the latest marketing trends. If something is working for you, please feel free to share your ideas and strategies! Recommend your future down-line to check out Ambit Forum to give them a head start. My personal experience with the Forum was that it opened my mind to all kinds of great marketing ideas that I never would have known to even consider!

You have truly joined this opportunity at a magnificent time! The timing is Perfect and you best capitalize on your timing by training, learning, and collaborating right now. Actively participate in your Ambit training from anywhere, at any time by clicking the link below: